Spoken English is one of the many trending courses widely available on net. There are hundreds of courses and techniques all over the place leaving people confused. This article will explain the most common mistakes people make while pursuing a Spoken English course.

1: Listen to English News (BBC News)


This is the most famous technique every body suggests to people looking forward to improve their Spoken English abilities. This is indeed effective but not for everybody. When I was young, I had difficulties speaking in English. I was confident that I knew English but the situations proved that I was in fact really bad at it. One of the many techniques my teachers suggested was to listen to BBC news every morning. Me being a person who doesn’t event listen to local/regional news, started watching it. Few days passed by and my interest level dropped. I was no longer following the first tip my teachers gave me. This unfortunately happens to be one of the worst techniques to learn English for common people like you and me.

2: Speak in front of a mirror


Another most commonly suggested method proved wrong again. Common, how long would you stare at your own face and speak to yourself in front of a mirror? how is that gonna work? Don’t you think people will think of you as crazy, speaking to yourself and that too in front of a mirror? yes it does. Unfortunately this technique won’t enhance your speaking skills though this is one of the most effective technique for some other areas that needs to be developed like public speaking or personality development. When I followed this method when my teachers asked me to do this after failing the first attempt, I was left bewildered. I didn’t even know what to speak. Again another technique that simply wouldn’t work. I strongly suggest you to stop wasting you time doing this if you are already into this!

3: Read before you sleep


Indeed the strongest of all but history proves this wrong again. Technically this sounds really good. You reading a book before you sleep is a very good habit that will definitely improve your language but only if reading is your area of interest and you love reading, for others this is the most easiest way to fall asleep just like how it turned out for me.  My teachers said the moment you felt sleepy, your brain goes into learning mode and some alpha waves, beta waves absorbs everything you read. Scientifically true, but practically it won’t work.

If you have been following these methods, then wait, stop, think for yourself, Do you like watching news? if yes, enjoy the news and don’t watch it for any other purpose like learning a language. Do you enjoy talking to yourself? if yes, then mirror method works for you, if not think twice before wasting your time. Do you love reading before hitting the bed, then the third technique will do you good, but if you don’t like to read books, then you just found the most effective sleeping pill.


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