4 Secret Tips to Crack IELTS

September 27, 2018 - 4 minutes read

IELTS is a dire necessity to test individuals who want to move to a first world country for study or work. If you have not been raised in an English-speaking environment or been exposed to the language much, you might find it harder to capture its nuances or attempt a spoken form of it that the native speakers understand.

A good start to a holistic approach to taking the IELTS exam is to dive into the language itself- with the basic activities. Here are an essential few:

“Get the most out of Reading”

While a good book grips the mind of any reader, there are some that invoke displeasure and drowsiness to someone who has yet to receive the varied pleasures of imbibing knowledge out of ink on paper. Whether you’re an avid reader or a film fanatic or prefer reality in an uncut form, reading is essential to grab an understanding of any language.

Pick a book that suit your interests, without it being too simple or obscure. There are two activities that you can parallel with your reading that will help you crack IELTS easier.

  • The first is to paraphrase – to understand a sentence or paragraphs in your own words. Ask yourself how you would have written a particular section of the book in your own words, and try it out. This would be a much simpler version from that of the author’s as it is about duplicating an idea, but that is the point of it. The simpler you can put into words a complex idea, the better your understanding of it. It is an essential part of your listening and reading tasks.

  • The second one improves vocabulary. The fact that you’re doing this along with reading makes it less of a lesson and is also retained in the memory faster. Pick out the words that you don’t know, and in addition to finding out its meaning, find out its synonyms. Synonyms help with the essays in IELTS, especially the analytical one where you would have to compare and contrast charts. It improves the quality of passages in using synonyms rather than repeatedly using the same word. 

  • Keep a journal – Writing engages the mind and gives clarity to our thoughts. It helps you discover yourself, organize activities and strengthen perspectives. A diary is the best way to communicate to ourselves, an act that’s dwindling through the outbreak of globalization because it is the one place where you have the liberty to be completely yourselves without inhibitions. Structuring our personal facts, ideas, and views, refines it and helps factor out what characteristics to exhibit depending on circumstances which may include facing an audience or an interviewer.

  • Engage in conversations – Not one person is capable of saying that they know a particular language if they have not yet had a stimulating conversation in the same with someone who speaks it well. Not knowing English is not an excuse to sway away from it; it’s the reason to indulge much more in it. Find a partner to practice with and you will find out your strengths and weaknesses.

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