5 lessons Inzpira learned from these wonder teens

April 29, 2016 - 9 minutes read

The year is 2016 and its 13 months since we officially launched Inzpira. Back when we started, we had no idea where this would lead us to. Today we are proud to say that we have shed lights on over 1250 students. With 100% positive feedback we thrust forward high on motivation and enthusiasm, that gives us the energy to work 13-14 hours a day and 7 days a week.

It was one Thursday evening when Sruthy Ramesh, the co-founder and Head of Marketing at Inzpira was having her favorite Masala Dosa with her family in a hotel received a call from Mr. Lovewin Cherian, an organizer at Student Christian Movement of India. He had come across an article about us in Malayala Manorama, a leading newspaper in Kerala. He expressed his interest to have Inzpira lead their SCM Fellowship English Training Camp 2016.

Sruthy & Rohith

(Left) Rohith Namboothiri, Sruthy Ramesh (Right), Co-Founders of Inzpira featured in Malayala Manorama

When he described the background of the students who will be attending the camp, we were a bit skeptic to have the proposal accepted but finally after a through deliberation we took the challenge and decided to give it a a go. A decision that taught us 5 important lessons. We had almost a week to prepare for the camp. We revamped the entire Inzpira Personal Development Program to suit the nine youngsters who will be attending the program.

The camp was scheduled to kick start on 18th April 2016 at 4:30 PM. Upon arrival we were given a warm welcome by the organizers. After the initial welcome note, we started off the camp with our usual intro session that gives the students an overview of what they will be learning through out the camp, a simple psychological trick we employ to have the students stay interested through out our sessions.

Inzpira Kick starts the camp

Inzpira Kick starts the camp

The camp was divided in two sessions, the first session would have 15 hours and the second part will be conducted on a later date that would have 10 #Inzpiring hours. From our past experiences, we have learned that it takes nearly 15-16 #Inzpiring sessions to produce a positive and visible results in the ‘Change Graph,’ But here, we started getting positive results just after 4.5 hours. This was shocking. Soon we were overwhelmed by the results and these nine students who attended the camp taught us 5 important lessons, something we never learned in the past thirteen months.

1: Attitude – I want to change

All the nine students unanimously possessed the right attitude towards the program. Even though they were all pursuing a degree, they were willing to be kids again, something we always insist our students to be. They patiently listened to us and reciprocated the learning efficiently without second thoughts. As trainers, this enabled us to create an invisible bond with them that directly streamed our thoughts and learning efficiently. Soon we learned, the right Attitude is the key to become successful.

Inzpira Session

Right Attitude towards learning

2: Passion – I want to be the best

Passion is a confusing word. The word is defined as a strong and barely controllable emotion towards something. These nine students had impetuous passion to learn English and become successful. We have heard people who end up doing one thing had a different passion. The truth is, if they had true passion, nothing could stop them from achieving it.

Passion when combined with the right attitude clearly made a difference. Passion is magic.


3: Hunger – I want more

What does hunger bring forth? a strong desire to want something to satisfy your need. At this camp we were facing nine hungry teenagers who were impetuously hungry to acquire the right qualities to bring a change to their life. They keep on asking questions and extracting everything they needed from us. Every activity we did were wholeheartedly embraced by them and accurately reciprocated which resulted in the upward trend to the Change Graph.

Hunger makes men do things that they had never done before!

Fun translation activity

Fun translation activity

4: Love & Trust, a magical combo

Love is a strong feeling of affection. We love our students and usually we get back the love. Whenever a student of Inzpira spots us in the public, they would come running towards us for a chat. This is something we always cherish and that makes us proud. But trust is something that takes time to build. Only if you trust somebody, you can get the maximum support. These nine brilliant minds filled in with Passion, Hunger and the right attitude trusted us to be their change makers, a designation with huge responsibilities were bestowed upon us. We valued their trust and with equal amount of love and care, we were able to strengthen the bond we developed. At Inzpira, we do not entertain the usual ‘Sir” , “Madam” addressal system, instead we all are brothers and sisters to our students. When ever they called us “Sruthy Chechi” & “Rohith Achachan” we felt the true, honest and genuine love they had for us. This enabled us to give them everything we had.

Love, care & trust are magical. The more you give the more you get back. This is the most vital ingredient to be successful in life.

Accent Neutralization activity

Accent Neutralization activity

5: Be a friend indeed.

The moment we begin any #Inzpiring sessions, we establish a strong friendship with our students. We never become a conventional teacher towards our patrons instead a much more experienced friend who is lending out an arm to help them out. This is one of the most important attitude a trainer at Inzpira posses. We’re always a friend. This approach of ours were greatly appreciated by these nine young minds who attended the camp and they were willing to play with us, share their emotions with us and listen to us. Just like how you freely share your thoughts with your friends, they started talking to us. As days passed by they were getting more and more comfortable with being with us. They felt sad when we called the day off and impatiently waited for the next session to start.

15 hours passed by like 15 minutes. We have lots more to give and we greatly miss them. When the first part of the camp was over, they bid us good bye with sparkling eyes. A scene that left us thinking about the actual value of our profession. Education is indeed the most precious gift you can give to anybody. 

Team Inzpira with the wonder teens

Team Inzpira with the wonder teens

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