7 blunders we make while preparing for IELTS.

To get their dream of study or work in an English speaking country come true, most of the aspirants are craving to crack IELTS. It is neither too hard nor too effortless to achieve this goal. All you have to work on is to stay focused and avoid certain blunders, which we may make in preparation phase. Following are a few of the susceptible errors that we do, on the race to assure our slot:-

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1: First in the row, is the desperate attempt to emulate the accent of native speakers. It doesn’t really help you, indeed sounds odd and downgrade the prospect of impressing your marker in the speaking session. Instead, you may keep your efforts to get rid of the mother tongue influence that hinders you from giving a good deliverance. Get your English refined in its purest form, and utter words with more clarity. You may join a spoken english training institute to fine tune your language.

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2: Secondly, It is not uncommon that people follow English broadcasts such as: movies, podcasts, YouTube series, intended to sharpen their listening skills. Whereas, resorting to these resources with subtitles is a gaffe; as it has hardly anything to do with polishing up our grasping ability. However, turning off the subtitles and being more attentive to the audio can assist you with the same. Check out our article Are You Learning English the Right way to get a better idea about this point.

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3: Thirdly, you may be yearning for developing an interest in reading books, though it would aid you in the IELTS preparation, most people find it hard to foster that enthusiasm. It would be merely impossible to evolve a steady habit of reading, if your choice is inappropriate. The books of your choice should suit your interest. For instance; if you are fond of fiction, you may be happy with ‘A Game Of Thrones’ or else, if you love mystery,’ The Adventurous Of Sherlock Holmes’ can be your card.

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4: Next up, the plausibility that you might be misguided to follow a pre-formulated template in your writing task. Surprisingly, it would be a sheer waste of time attempting to mug up those devised formats. Instead, try phrasing in your own words to advance with the task, which would in turn fetch you appreciable scores.

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5: Notably, though IELTS is a language assessment; it is not needful to be too verbose in presenting your ideas; in speaking as well as writing sessions. You can try paraphrasing the commonly used words with a high level vocabulary, whereas, it has to be concise enough to express our views without invoking much confusion. Take for example, a complex sentence like- ‘India being a country of many deprived citizens, the government has to devolve an effective strategy, to cope up with their basic necessities, so as to avoid criticism from various political spheres, and thereby reinstating the confidence among people’- sounds overburdened with ideas. We can rather rephrase it as: ‘Government has to address the issues that encumber the lives of citizens, by assuring basic amenities, and thereby checking criticisms.’

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6: Further, your strive to be a perfectionist in comprehending your reading passages, can have a detrimental effect. If you read word by word; your effort may be futile; as there is a greater chance that you may run short of time, rather, skim through the passage and read between lines.

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7: To add on, you would be prompted to expeditiously jump to write essays, as soon as you receive the topic. Most likely, you would be hindered by the shattered flow of thoughts. Sequence your ideas and pattern it, before you start drafting your essay.

If you keep these things in mind; your path is cleared up for you to follow the track, to grip your dream of IELTS, without stumbling in the mid-way.

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