“On an average a man lies 200 times a day”, cites a social psychologist Jerald Jellison of the University of Southern California in his book which was published in 1977. Later in 2002,  Robert Feldman of the University of Massachusetts found that on an average a person would tell a lie 2 – 3 times in every 10 minutes. Pamela Meyer, author of the best selling book ‘Liespotting’ says men lie 3 times more than women. Lying has become an integral part of our day to day life. To professionally lie, one should should understand what a lie is.

“Lying is a cooperative act,” says Pamela Meyer who is running an organisation that trains people to identify deception. If it is so, then there must be a categorization of liars such as a perfect professional liar, an average liar and a poor liar. A perfect liar is someone who can convince any body with a well crafted lie that is very hard to distinguish.

We all lie everyday, to be precise every ten minutes. But most of the lies aren’t intentional ones. Some are white lies to create harmony. Imagine your friend comes to you and asks how she looks today, you can’t hurt her feeling so you would say that she looks gorgeous. Imagine your mother cooks you a delicious dinner but it wasn’t that delicious afterall, but when she asks how it was, you would say it’s great, just to see her smile. These are white lies.

Lying can be done for negative purposes and for good reasons as well. When it comes to business or an office, it is quite common to find superiors lying to subordinates and vice-versa. Imagine that you are in your office and suddenly your manager comes to you and asks you to submit a report that you haven;t even started by end of the day. You are a fresher in the company and you definitely want to create a good impression, hence you would sacrifice your tea, lunch and all other extras and would dedicate all your time in the given work but its already late evening and your manager has left. Extremely tensed but you decide to take work home and the entire night you sat working on it. The next day you would arrive a bit early to please the manager. Even though you are late and you failed to create a good impression. You would definitely be shouted at for the late delivery but you are a bit relieved because you didn’t loose your job. You may find a small smile on your manager’s face because the previous day before he came to you for the report, he got a call from his client asking for the report to be submitted the next day. If he had been honest about the submission deadline, his experience taught him it wouldn’t have been delivered on time. Now he has got ample enough of time to edit the report and submit it on time as per the client’s demand. This resulted in satisfying the client, upholding the brand reputation and strengthening job security.

What if the manager didn’t know how to lie? you would have guessed it and as a normal human being, you would have involuntarily procrastinated the work. Professionally lying and being a perfect liar would allow you to identify a liar as well. In this article, we would discuss the 7 secret ingredients to becoming a professional liar. These ingredients are carefully extracted and composed from Inzpira’s Art of Deception recipe book.


To be a perfect liar and to professionally lie, you need to carefully mix the following 7 ingredients in the right proportion as mentioned below. This recipe would bake a lie that would serve 2 at a time. Pro-rata increase the quantity for more servings.

1: Truth – 10g

The reason why most lies fail is because there is no supporting story to back your creation. Hence before fabricating a lie, you should do some research on what you are going to lie about and should gather few substantial amount of facts/stories that actually is true or happened. So, when people try verifying your creation, they will have little doubt or no doubt.

2: Common Facts – 1Tbsp [Table Spoon]

Stories, incidents, figures, events, or acts that every body knows will preeminently uphold your lie. It gives durability and strength to stand strong amidst all the oppositions that may arise. This is one ingredient that most people omit or rather ignore while fabricating a lie. Imagine someone who is living next door, in India and from a middle class family says that his uncle is French Prime minister, that would be a problem.  Remember, common facts will increase your story’s credibility.

3: Creativity –  500g (Sifted to break lumps)

This ingredient is the most well know one. We all know without this a lie cannot be fabricated. Creativity would vary from person to person, however, if the other ingredients are proportionally mixed well, sky is the limit for your creativity. You can frame stories about anything that you wish for and more the creativity flows, better the story would be. Ample enough of details should be well thought off while creating a story.

4: Acting – 250g



Practice makes a man perfect. If we think of any conversation between two individuals or a group, that can be a meeting, a friendly chat, a debate, a discussion, its all an act. Both the parties have got a result or an out come in mind and the questions or answers are involuntarily tweaked to complement your outcome. Lying is no different. You have a perfectly crafted story in mind and you have to deliver it. Your expected out come is to convince the other party. So acting is an inevitable ingredient to professionally lie.

There are many common mistakes that one would make while lying and few of them are:

a: Looking directly at ones eyes – This is a BIG NO. Imagine you are telling someone something that is true, notice for yourself that your eyes will never stay focussed at one subject. It would definitly move as our brain transfers the files from the storage to the random access memory.

b: Overtly bringing out emotions – Emotions has to be neighter abundant nor too little. It has to balance with the scenario. Imagine if you were telling the truth, how would you be at that point of time. This has to be replicated.

c: Keeping your body stiff  – We all know a liar would be nervous and would be frantically rubbing his/her fingers or sweating too much. Well the truth is, even an honest person would do so if he is scared or shocked at that moment. So overtly keeping your body stiff would bring in suspicion.

d: Stressing certain words and distance statements –  I DID NOT DO THAT! . Distancing your words are common while lying and you feel that would bring credibility but the truth is you are publicizing to the world that you are lying.

5: Confidence – 250g

Most people are good at making good stories but are too scared to deliver. This nervousness would drastically affect your delivery and performance. Remember, a perfectly baked professional lie is like a vanilla sponge cake. You slightly push it, it springs back, but if your push it hard, it just gets pressed and it would ruin it. You have got a good story, you have prepared and practiced the act and now its all about delivery. Be confident and natural.

6: Memory – 1 Cup

A perfect lie need not be extremely detailed. A well detailed story is very hard to believe and that is a fact. As per certain studies, it is believed that 80% of the communication is non verbal. That is we hear hardly 20% of what people say. So its very hard to remember every points. While fabricating a story, make sure you purposely omit certain details as per the scenario such as certain names, date, place, color, shape, time etc.

7: Consistency – 2.5 Cups


You might have been able to deliver a perfect lie and convince people, but when the topic comes what if you forgot what you said? The numbers, names, incident or other details that made your story strong has to be intact and any discrepancies would destroy you completely. So make sure you are well aware of what you say and have the details consistent when you deliver it again.

As mentioned before, lying is a cooperative act. People have developed an acceptance towards being lied to. Every day we come across various lies and liars and we believe these tips can help you identify one. To identify a liar, you have to be a professional liar. The tips described in this article is purely for educational purpose only.

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