“Because being unique, doesn’t mean that you are odd.”

7 tips to personality development

Personality Development is an art, and with proper guidance you can develop yours too.


Have you ever perceived a mechanic repairing the vehicles? He sometimes even disassembles the vehicle, to mend the particular part. By the same token, we humans too possess flaws, which relates to our personalities, so it is upon us to repair it. We meet plenty of people in our lifespan, we tag each of them, say, ‘Eerie’, ‘Gentleman’, ‘Alas’, ‘Nice’ and so on. Here, we are literally pinpointing their characteristics, the so-called personalities.

Personality development is an important part of life because it is the one which expounds you. There is no artificial way for personality development. You are ‘What you are!’ It’s just that you have to put some effort to evolve into a good persona.

 The following are the tips, which we suggest you to follow to develop your personalities.

  • Know yourself.

A human is a hundred times stronger when he knows his defects. It is the principal thing. A small flaw may sometimes leave a deep lousy impression. So in the primary note, take a sheet of paper, write down your characteristics and distinguish them into positive and negative, concentrate upon the negatives. These are the areas which you have to improvise. I was a very bad-tempered kid, my mother and friends used to say it was tough to cope up with me sometimes. It was affecting my personality. It took a long time for me to change their perspective about me. Whenever I was at the peak of anger, I tell myself ‘I am not angry’ and repeat it in my mind. It was a stepping stone for my personality development.

  • Uplift your confidence.

Confidence is the basement to be created for any kind of development, even if it is personality related. To prove you have a charismatic personality, ‘Believe in yourself’. Participate in stage performances, it boosts up your confidence and develops your personality. Carry out any role, from competitor to a character.

  • Be as happy as Larry.

 Have you ever wondered why your friends always adore that one quick-witted friend in your gang? It is because they are presenting themselves in a happier form. Happiness is an organic thing. While having a conversation, try to add a little bit of humour. Being happy is one of the healthiest sign of your personality.

  • Improvise your communication skill.

You may be only comfortable with some set of people, come out of your shell, and make friends wherever you go. Only through communication, you will be assessed on notes of your personality. It has something great to do with personality development. To begin a conversation, you should be approachable. Talk more, not less.

  • Speak to self.

Did you know intelligent people talk to themselves? Yes, you heard that right. You can imagine in front of you, and practice speaking. When I was a child, I used to imagine being in a talk show [say, Koffee with Karan] and tried talking like a celebrity. I swear it had a big hand behind my personality development.

  • Lighten up your positive side

 Always have this urge to reveal your positive traits. You can’t expect everybody to be unblemished. Give space to your communicator, even if they want an argument with you, let it go. Do not argue back that doesn’t mean you failed. Indeed you are winning hearts, which they will realise later. Personality development needs positivity. You are the coach, so fill maximum positivity in yourself.

  • Maintain a style.

 Do everything with a ‘Swag’ attitude. Everybody isn’t mastered in maintaining a style. You have to develop it; behind the curtains, you are actually developing your personality. Treat everybody equally, so that everybody has the right opinion about you. Through this, gradually you will also learn to handle people, of any kind.

Our characteristics are the only thing, which creates emotions in others. It is the ultimate personality you appear to be. The person you decide to be is the person you destined to become. Do not worry; you are no odd, Inzpira is always these to levy our helping hands to improve you.

                     How can anybody see how great you are, if you can’t see it yourself?

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