At Inzpira

We help you re-invent your selfhood

Unique & innovative techniques developed over years of research and practical experiments, that’s what we offer. A distinctive and momentous training experience, that’s what we promise!

The combinations of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character, that’s what the world defines personality as. But, we believe personality is your selfhood. The way every individual behaves, speak & think is different. Your personality belongs to you, just you.

The personality of an individual depend on various factors such as language fluency, body language, confidence, personal grooming, attitude, voice tone, presentation etc. We assist you in rebuilding yourself in all these attributes. Inzpira can pave way for your success.

Build confidence, speak effectively and influence people. Gift your self a new life.
Our specialized program will assist you in re-inventing your future.


Our efforts are to impart quality and value based education that would break all conventional approaches and help individuals re-invent themselves. 

There are many brilliant minds out there with limited access to the outside world, especially from the under privileged sector. We want to become a third leg, support and give all the resources to help them achieve success with flying colours. 



"Anybody can be Inzpired," that's what we believe in.

Our vision is to standardize English proficiency as a skill in India and assist recruiters in sorting out candidates based on the grades achieved. Inzpira has proven over and over again that learning a new language is fun and Inzpira's method should be the standard method used by educational institutes across the nation and globally, that's what we envision. 

The Inzpiring Team

Asha Anil Trainer at Inzpira Education

Asha Anil

Associate Trainer

I am a teacher, it’s how I define myself. A good teacher isn’t someone who…

Renjini S.K

Training Manager

I’m Renjini SK. You might have heard about many Renjinis , and soon you will…



“Life is a long run way with mazes. But the important thing is to Adapt…

Ardra John Trainer at Inzpira Education

Ardra John


Education is a progressive discovery of our ignorance-Will Durant. Breaking the accepted norms in acquiring…

Suju VS Trainer at Inzpira Education

Suju V.S


‘A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it’– this…

Aneesh Lal

Aneesh Lal

Operations & Marketing Manager

Every person in this world has a destiny, and I discovered mine recently. Living ones…

Rohith Namboothiri Inzpira

Rohith Namboothiri

Co-Founder/Director - Research, Training & Development

Hello all, I am Rohith Namboothiri the Co-Founder / Director – Research, Training & Development…

Sruthy Ramesh Inzpira

Sruthy Ramesh

Co-Founder/ Director - Operations & Marketing

I am Sruthy Ramesh. A person who fell for the monotony of Indian educational system,…

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