This is a new segment of ‘Eduzin’ powered by Inzpira, and it is called ‘Lexical World’. Here, we are going to discuss all things that comes under the umbrella of Language Training.

As a second hand learner of English, we have all tried to seek help from various sources. As your language coach, we are going to help you decide if you’re learning from the right places and in the following sessions, we shall also see how we can make the most out of these mediums.

Sounds good? Let’s get right into it.

What advice have you been given by elders and most English teachers in order to improve your English?

  • To watch BBC News?
  • To read Books?
  • To learn Grammar?

We call their bluff– We’re yet to meet someone who has been successful in improving their language solely by watching BBC. We’re not absolutely denying that it works, but for a beginner, the accent would be unfamiliar and complicated to understand.

The realm of World News isn’t for everyone. Unless one is really interested in the matters of the European Union and Policies of the Governments, the content slips past us. One might find it hard to relate to, or even register the news in their heads let alone benefit from it.

Finally, we all have it in us the need to sound cool and different from our fellow learners and we might have a tendency to imitate their accent, which would sound odd.

To an untrained ear, learning a new accent is a difficult process and a much efficient way to improve your style is to correct speech sounds, which would be discussed in the forthcoming lessons.

Hence, it is safe to say that learning English by watching BBC is a waste of time.

Fortunately, we have found means that have been proven to work.

1: Watching Indian English News Channels. They are more relevant to us, which will keep our attention. We’re familiar with the accent and can find out for ourselves which sounds we’re mispronouncing.

2: Listening to English Radio Broadcast. This will help us grasp better words, sharpen our listening skills and give an understanding of the flow that comes with speaking good English, and

3: Since we’re all about Edutainment, Listen to English Music. Heed to the lyrics and find out meanings of words you don’t already know. Most importantly, sing along, and use a couple of words you’ve learnt in your real life conversations.

An integral part of learning a language comes with using the information we have, in our daily life. In addition to finding new words and their meaning, we gain a fair understanding of speech. The point to keep in mind is that Application is key.

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