Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths pure theatre. – Gail Godwin

Life is a drama and we all are mere actors playing our parts. Every incident that happens in our life are meagre scenes assigned for us to play. This is a great philosophy that inspired us to redefine the modus operandi to impart education in a different way. Every day that passes by and every classes that we come by,  lets us become conscious of our mistakes and teaches us what to do to not make things go wrong again. One such ever-enduring lesson for Inzpira was the spoken English camp at Bharat Aviation Academy.

On November 20th, 2015, Sruthy Ramesh & Rohith Namboothiri, the co-founders of Inzpira set off their short-journey to Nedumangad Bharat Aviation Academy to kick start Inzpira’s English Residential (spoken English ) Camp with high hopes of leaving an indelible mark of change and re-invention on the students’ life. We were welcomed by a bunch of seventy aspiring learners who are currently pursuing Diploma in Aviation at Bharat Aviation. We had already given them an insight of what the Inzpira Method is all about few weeks ago and the students were thrilled to have our team there for a fifteen days spoken English camp.

Spoken English camp at Bharat Aviation by Inzpira

Our students lack confidence and proper language skills. You have got fifteen days to bring out changes.” These were the instructions we got from them. Normally, for our our method to effectively work out, we would require a minimum of twenty to twenty five hours and that is typically twenty to twenty five days (one hour per day) so that we can slowly induce the necessary skills but at Bharat Aviation, we were given three hours each for 15 consecutive days . It was indeed a very tough task for us to re-structure our entire modules that would suit the presented conditions. However, we decided to take up the challenge and go ahead with the camp.

The mere imparting of information is not education, we strongly believed in those words said by Carter G. Woodson. Hence we started right from the root, the cause that refrained them from progressing despite all the efforts taken by the academy in enhancing their spoken English capacity before we stepped in, ‘fear.’

Rohith Namboothiri

We employed our activity based learning game ‘INZPA’ where we split the entire batch into 7 group and asked them to come up with unique business ideas so that they could be labeled as a startup. The game is a virtual business game where each startup will be given an opportunity to pitch and get funded, recruit and do business. This game worked like a charm and we had everybody participating. Every individual who had a tough time coming front, stepped up to present their ideas and cooperated with their team to outshine the rest. Through this game we covered the various modules of Inzpira.

Spoken English by Inzpira

There was this girl who used to literally shake and shiver when she was asked to speak infront of a crowd. It took us ten days to considerably remove her fear and make her confident to face people. When asked how she felt at the end our camp, she said ” I feel different now, more confident.”

Fifteen days passed by like fifteen minutes and we wanted to do lots but time doesn’t wait for anybody. On the last day, we felt a positive vibe, something that never existed when we started. We are proud to say we helped a bunch of brilliant minds re-invent themselves and prepared them to face the real world. We hope we get more opportunities to help them build a successful career in forthcoming days.

Selfie with Inzplings

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