How to write a perfect e-mail?

Email writing tips by Inzpira Education Trivandrum

Electronic mail, know as the email came into existence in the late twentieth century. Initially, It was available only to a few as mostly the computer programmers and system administrators used this medium of communication. Mainly it took over from all other methods of exchanging information and now it’s unthinkable of a world where people do not share their views, ideas, information and data through emails. Emails are fast, cheap and easy to operate. It is the most competitive mode of communication for getting across to a large number of people all across the globe instantly.

Email writings have become quite popular in our everyday interactions. Even in the professional world, emails are now widely recognised as an essential tool of official communication. Email is regarded as an informal piece of writing, many a time the emails composed and received by us are ungrammatical, abrupt, blunt and unprofessional in many other ways. Since emails are also as important as other forms of professional communication, we need to observe the principles of effectiveness such as clarity, courtesy, grammatical accuracy and proper beginnings and endings in our emails. In order to draft effective and professional emails, we need to overcome pitfalls as lack of punctuations, spelling errors and foul language.

In this article, we will walk you through various tips to enhance your email writing skills and to frame the perfect email that would help you convince, influence and create impact more.

Avoid being abrupt

Do not leave the information hasty. Consider an alternative way of communicating.

Effective subject lines

When we compose an email usually, we don’t give much importance to the subject line. The subject line of the message is as important as the message itself. The subject line should not be having more than eight words and should effectively communicate the intent of the email that is being written.

Warm-up sentence

It is more appropriate to start, particularly a professional email, with a warm-up sentence to fix the context and set the proper tone of the message. By building a rapport with the recipient, you will be able to create the impact that you require and your emails will be more effective. 

Avoid Capitalization

The use of capital words all through the text makes the message seem somewhat intimidating. As a general rule, all caps is referred to as shouting or flaming in electronic texting world.

Punctuation marks

It may find it challenging to locate and apply punctuation rules, but is a needful rule to use appropriate punctuation marks. Proper punctuations will help you communicate the true intent more.

Even if you got all the above mastered, there are few more points to keep in mind for you to uplift your professional image,

Reply instantly

It is advisable that the emails we receive as a professional are answered immediately or as soon as possible. If the matter needs some time, we should send a reply acknowledging the receipt for the detailed response later.

Avoid attaching unnecessary documents

Sending an irrelevant file suggests a sloppy attitude on the part of the writer, and it consumes time unnecessarily.

Answer all queries

Answering all the questions on time should be part of your professional routine. This strengths our professional image and adds to the goodwill of the company.

Keep your mailbox uncluttered

We need to pay attention to the fact that we delete junk mail regularly from our mail account. Sometimes it becomes unwieldy at times when you don’t clutter.


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