We’re extremely proud to introduce ‘Project WEEDYA – We Educate Young Aspirers‘ (Pronounced as Vidhya | വിദ്യ | विद्या) in collaboration with our Not- For-Profit Wing InzpiraForAll Foundation

Inzpira has never been a business to us and it will never be. We started with a vision of up-skilling youth. Armed with an unconventional learning approach and an environment, we want to create that change. The ability to communicate effectively, portraying a sharp personality, upright skills to talk efficiently in front of people and to impress employers to bag great jobs makes a person stand out of the crowd. Inzpira helps people to re-invent themselves to be a person like that. We understand there are many brilliant minds who cannot afford certain coaching or guidance offered by many centers. We trust, Inzpira is the answer to this.

WEEDYA is a giant leap for us and a tiny step towards achieving our vision. This program ensures and gives every individual who wish to create a difference in their life, an opportunity to lend a helping hand to a soul in need.  For every student who joins our institute, we teach an underprivileged youngster too. A student who joins for our course is not only just learning but helping another person learn as well.

We want to craft out a society where the next change makers of our country has a personality that the world adores and skills sets that the globe envies. Up-skilling the youth with the necessary soft-skills marks the beginning of such a generation. We trust, with your help we together can achieve this dream.

If you feel our initiative has the potential to create a change, we invite you to be a part by sharing and spreading this information to as many people as we could. 

Our program ‘WEEDYA, We Educate Young Aspirers’ is the first ever social initiative of this mark by a soft-skills training institute and is the beginning of many more social projects by us. 

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family –  Kofi Annan

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