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How to build confidence while talking to a stranger?

Its a nightmare meeting or talking to a stranger for some people. Many hide in their houses or excuse themselves from such situations. Talking to a stranger does not need arms, you have to relax, look them in the eye and speak.

Relax! after all, they are humans. We always fail to recognise that strangers are humans as well. They are people with the same, exact emotions like us.

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1.) Get to know them

Build a good rapport first. Let them know who you are and where you are from. Give them the opportunity to know you better. Getting to know each other will help you break the ice. If you are lucky, you might be staying in the same neighbourhood, or you might have studied in the same school or college. If so, then the conversation will follow in.


2) Do not be Judgmental

People tend to be judgmental before starting a conversation with others. Lose all your inhibitions before talking to a stranger. Looking at a person’s costume, you may think that she is conservative, but in reality, she might be a wanderer or an open-minded person. Shed the stereotypes – come on, not all bearded Muslims are terrorists.


3) Be Polite

Politeness is a virtue we all are short of. People tend to be less polite these days because they do not dare to shoo away their ego. When people get offended, politeness is the least they bother about.

Let people be rude or shy, if we are polite to them, then that makes their day.

Politeness will leave a long-lasting impression on the person about you.

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4) Are you confident?

Before meeting a stranger or before being a host, make sure you are confident. Dress up neatly and modestly. Make sure you are presentable.  It will make you feel great as well as to the person opposite to you.

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5) Smile

Loosen your facial muscles and smile. A smile is very welcoming and warm to even the gloomiest of all. It doesn’t matter what you wear but if you don’t wear a smile on your face, you won’t look good.

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6)Body Posture

It is very important to keep a good body posture while you are talking to a person. If you slouch and talk, it means that you are not confident. Our body speaks a lot more than words. Always keep your shoulders straight. It will enable you to have a confident conversation with people. The more confident you are, the more influence you can create. To have a good body posture you can workout at gym or be active in sports. You can also take occasional diets to stay trim and fit. Having a healthy and well-maintained body will tremendously increase your confidence and the impact you create on the minds of the people you meet will be humongous.

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7) Network

The biggest tip for confidence is to network. Keep meeting new people and sharpen your socializing skills. It will help you to gain confidence and your skills will be chiseled. Be a people person and you will find yourself elevated.