There is no denying that Public Speaking is an art. Those who possess the skill differ from those who don’t in the only way that they have put in countless more hours to practice, develop and bring about that flair.

Of course, an early environment with an exposure to good lectures and speeches really helps but if you haven’t gotten that so far in life, worry not because we have got you covered.

Most people equate public speaking to their professional work in the sense that they want to impress their heads in meetings/discussions, etc. A rather eloquent speech on a particular topic comes only with constant articulation of thoughts on a variety of matters. In other words, to be able to brief a team on the background details of a project, one needs to start with practicing speaking to a friend, family, colleagues or even to a stranger on the history, evolution, working, and other concrete aspects of it.

For businesses, it is a good idea to follow competitors not to rip off their ideas but to stay ahead of them, especially if they’re a huge firm. Even if another related business is not in competition, following their updates will give a fair understanding of the market scenario. Listening to Press Releases, Acquisition/Merger Announcements and Product Launches will give insight into Public Speaking for Business purposes.

Additionally, spending time on the following resources is entertaining, educational and can spark up your public speaking skills

1: Stand up comedy

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Stand up comedians are the backbone of our life in monochrome. They are generally dark, savage, sarcastic and ruthless- characteristics that one would otherwise despise in a person, but their wit and charm lets stand-up comedians get away with saying just about anything, and that’s the power of comedy!

2: Ted Talks

Ted videos have something for everybody. They bring in experts from various fields who talk about how and why they became influential. Their confidence and exuberance show their virtuosity and offers plenty of insight into the lives of the change-makers of the world.

3: Political Speeches

The most powerful of its kind- because it needs to be. Politics concerns the life of everybody, and yet, only a few involve in it. Political Speeches are not always about Right or Wrong, or True or False. It is about the speaker, his views, his agendas, addressing concerns, and the best ones are a civilized study into the minds of its listeners.

4: UN General Debate

The United Nations deals with the most relevant issues of the world, and these are discussed in the General Assembly Debate. The most prominent world leaders unite to discuss sustainability, peace-keeping, protecting rights, humanitarianism, and the like. Since the members are representatives of their people, the importance and significance of their words are unparalleled.

5: Youtube Vlogs

Home to the video blogging enthusiasts from over the globe, Youtube vlogs gives insight into the lives of people living in vastly different backgrounds. The important part is that we can search for the topics that interest us, view all these different videos and choose from them which Youtuber we agree or disagree with. Individuality is also about Subjectivity. Since most Youtubers come from an early internet-fed environment, their videos tend to be well researched and interesting and like them, their views can be narrow or multifaceted, and their topics, niche or multifarious.

6: Sports Commentary

A sports enthusiast needs to look no further to draw inspiration for Public Speaking. Whether it is Football or Cricket, international leagues telecast live shows with a standard set of commentators who are exceptional in their line of work. Paying attention to them will register in our mind, vivid, verbal descriptions of our favorite sportsmen in action.

7: News Anchors

A bunch that has all the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, this is a dangerous, yet important section. Most news anchors are excellent orators, which is what gets them the job but one needs to learn to handle the media because they are known to cause such a frenzy. Switching between news channels, especially during Prime-time (8-11pm) will give an idea of the general nature of the news anchors and the organization depending on how they report a news. For one who follows the news or has journalistic aspirations, their favorite anchor would exhibit qualities desirable to, or possessed by them.

8: Parliament Sessions

While most parliaments sound like an unruly kindergarten classroom, there are the occasional pearls of wisdom that flows through a wise speaker’s words. For a general citizen, someone usually takes the trouble to cut and spread this clip on social media, but if you have any kind of Political ambition, watching the entire session will give a good perspective on the outlook and psyche of our leaders.

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