How To Write A Good Speech?

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It is often a tedious task for many of us to draft a speech, which grabs the attention of a wider audience. A speech that falls short of conveying the intended idea; as well as the one which is embellished with facts and figures, are less likely to be conspicuous. A well written speech is compendious enough, and serves the very purpose of deliverance with simple and sharp words. Here are a few things that you can take note of while compiling a speech:-

Use of oral language can extend the reach of your words, for eg:- ‘sure?’, ‘got it?’ etc. Present your ideas in a simple way and avoid rambling, as it can evoke confusion. It is essential to have a clear-cut idea about the goal behind your oration and phrase accordingly. The tone of the speech can be altered to suit the goal: persuade a mass to be the forerunners of change, to install confidence or to cheer them.

Before progressing with the task, jot down the points that come to your mind; as it helps to resolve the crunch you have in ideation. It is apt to start with a query, or by presenting facts and figures; that invokes a curiosity, meanwhile, ignites a thought process among the crowd.

For instance, if you are giving a speech on ‘Cigarette Smoking’, you may start like:-‘Would you believe that out of every 100 people, 15 are addicted to tobacco related products?’ Otherwise, if it is expected to entertain the onlooker; you can start with a funny reference, which acts as a hook that fastens the people to your words, as well as prompts them to listen to you for the rest of the time.

Sequence the ideas in a rhetoric manner, with anecdotes adorning your address. This establishes an emotional connect with the audience. You can provide them with more intricate details, and try emphasizing the concept among listeners with the aid of attributes from credible sources. Your speech has to be an incessant river, which advances seamlessly. Linking words can help you in establishing the transition from one idea to the next, such as: ‘then’, ‘first’, ‘second’, ‘after’, ‘before’ etc.

Importantly, it is not wise to end your speech abruptly, indeed summarize and give a preview before you wind up. For eg: If you are talking about the ‘Negative Consequences Of Technology’, you may sum up like: ‘Technology has got far reaching benefits on mankind; as it has revolutionized several spheres, whereas, it has hampered the social relations and enslaved many of the populace’.

Here you have reached the final lap of the draft. All you have to do is to conclude with a flashy note, with a call to action. You would see them, being mesmerized with your ardent oratory skills, conveying their admiration with a standing ovation.

See, you have got goosebumps!

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