English is a powerful tool that could brand you as a leader. Equipping students with this powerful tool is the wonderful gift anybody can give them. Inzpira being a socially responsible and committed organization fighting to spread a method that could enable anybody to master this language is our mission.

Working towards the welfare of the society has always been there in our blood and we were making ample enough of contributions from our end,whenever possible. When we officially launched Inzpira in Trivandrum, we got an opportunity to take a session at Sri Chitra Homes, Trivandrum, which is one of the most famous and reputed shelter homes in Kerala. As our session progressed, we were amazed to realize the fact that there were many brilliant minds with great capabilities but lacked the right motivation and had limited access to the outside world to outperform. Their willingness to learn amazed us and we decided, whatsoever happens, we will spread our wings and will reach out to the ones in need. Inzpira reaching out to the ones in need will be a ray of hope that could change their lives drastically. This thought gave birth to our not-for-profit initiative, InzpiraForAll.

Anybody Can Learn English‘ is what we believe in. But in a country like ours, English is considered as the language of status symbol. Common people are reluctant to learn or speak in English. Though children are given opportunities to learn the language in government schools, they find it difficult to learn and tends to develop a hatred towards the language and also to the ones who speak the language. The reason to this disturbing scenario is because the way they are taught doesn’t match their ability to grasp the information or knowledge given to them. But when it comes to entertainment medium such as a movie, a drama or a song, people regardless of their age and social status, enjoy it unanimously. Realizing that, we wrecked our brains to transpose this unanimous acceptance factor in entertainment into another sector that lacks the same, education. If learning was entertaining, wouldn’t that be enough to accept education and minimize the hatred towards certain streams in education such as learning English? that was our next thought. We then developed a test case scenario where we took a small portion of the language, phonetics and incorporated fun and movie like script to it, then refurbished it into a never seen before lesson plan and experimented it on few students who volunteered to take part. Magic, we could say, out of the 50 students who were tested upon, 48 students rated us positive and they said they thought they could learn English phonetics with such ease. The results were motivating and made us push our limits to develop the present modules & methodology we use at Inzpira. Calculated mix of fun, entertainment, jokes, emotions, facts and core subject modules restructured into a unique way proved to be the right method for creating a long lasting impact in a person’s memory that would speed up the language learning process 60-70 times.

Language is a public asset and we realize the need for the younger generations to be taught English, a global language. InzpiraForAll is an initiative from our end to reach out to as many government schools, government aided schools, shelter homes and educational institutes in backward sectors of the society possible and teach them English and spread our method that would help them learn English and teach others who needs help. A long standing impact in a society that could mark the beginning of a new era for these people.

For InzpiraForAll to effectively work, we need the support of the government, the public and our dear friends. If you could take a minute to share this message to as many people as possible, it could give a helpless soul a ray of hope to rise again, to glory. 

InzpiraForAll – You Deserve to be Educated! 


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