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Spoken English Classes

Spoken English has become a need these days. People in search for a good spoken English class is on the rise and with Inzpira's Spoken English Coaching you have reached the right place. Inzpira is a Spoken English Training Institute that provides Spoken English classes in Trivandrum, Kerala.  Communicative English, also known as Spoken English is an inevitable soft-skill these days. The more fluent you speak English, the better you can perform in life. At Inzpira we offer a unique Spoken English coaching that removes your fear to speak English, subdues your reluctance to join a Spoken English Institute and builds your confidence to speak English fluently without worrying about complex grammatical rules. 

Spoken English classes at Inzpira Education, Trivandrum employs unique techniques to help you learn English just like you learned your mother tongue. We are the only Spoken English Institute in Trivandrum that conducts Spoken English training individually and offers flexible time for our students. Since our Spoken English classes are done individually, we can guarantee better results in a very short period as we understand the needs of our students and train them to speak English fluently. 15,000+ Students trust us and we are unanimously referred to as the best Spoken English and IELTS training institute in Trivandrum. 

Inzpira's Spoken English Training program is an initiative launched to assist aspiring learners and teachers to learn spoken English with ease and with utmost proficiency in a very short span of time. Using Inzpira's unique method, you can master Spoken English and speak like a native in no time.

Learning a language is quite tough, but its much more tougher to master the technique to learn/teach a new language. At Inzpira, we give you an opportunity to master this lost art in an unorthodox way, which is actually FUN! Once you complete our SLAN certification, you will be able to learn and teach others any language of your choice.

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We provide the best Spoken English Classes in Trivandrum

Individual Coaching
We hate batches!

Individual Coaching

We are the only Spoken English & IELTS Training institute in Trivandrum that provides individual coaching. We believe in quality rather than quantity. Individual Coaching will help us understand your needs and train you in the best possible way. 

Choose your favourite time to study!


Time is a big problem with most of us. At Inzpira we offer you the choice to choose your convenient time to study. We work from 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM and you can walk-in any time you wish. 

We understand your need


We understand this problem hence we introduced the Need-Based-Training approach. We will at first understand you areas of improvement and train you accordingly. 

No Age Bar at Inzpira
Any body can learn English

No Age Bar at Inzpira

Since we offer Individual Coaching, we do not have any age limit at Inzpira. We have students of 8 years to 65 years studying at Inzpira. If you have a strong will to learn, we are here to train you. 

Story Based Learning
Learn English the fun way

Story Based Learning

We believe in the power of story telling. Just like how you remember a recent movie you watched, at Inzpira we provide Spoken English coaching through stories thus simplifying the complex grammatical concepts. 

Tech-Based Training
Experience the difference

Tech-Based Training

At Inzpira, Learning English cannot be more simpler. We use advanced technology such as Virtual Reality to help you learn English the best possible way.   

Gift yourself the best Spoken English Coaching in Trivandrum

Courses We Offer

Our basic course for Spoken English

Personal Proficiency Development Program

Our basic Spoken English course that is usually chosen by people who have basic proficiency in English or has limited time in their hands. This Spoken English course has the has the following features:


  1. 40 Hours Spoken English coaching
  2. Technology-based learning
  3. Individual Coaching
  4. Flexible Timing
  5. Need-Based-Training
The best Spoken English training program

Advanced Personal Development Program

Our advanced Spoken English course that includes Spoken English Training, Personality Development Coaching, Public Speaking & Interview Skills preparations. Few features of this course are:


  1. 120 Hours Program
  2. Technology-based learning
  3. Individual Coaching
  4. Flexible Timing
  5. Need-Based-Training
To gift yourself the best Spoken English Coaching in Trivandrum

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