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An initiative launched to assist aspiring learners and teachers to learn spoken English with ease and with utmost proficiency in a very short span of time. Using Inzpira's unique method, you can master Spoken English and speak like a native in no time.

Learning a language is quite tough, but its much more tougher to master the technique to learn/teach a new language. At Inzpira, we give you an opportunity to master this lost art in an unorthodox way, which is actually FUN! Once you complete our SLAN certification, you will be able to learn and teach others any language of your choice. 


Do you provide any Specific Language Assistance?

Ofcourse, We Do!



English is a widely spoken language. Knowing the language will give you much more global exposure and greater opportunities to climb higher in your career ladder. Having profound knowledge in English will uplift your personality and will give you confidence. English being a tool to communicate effectively, being fluent in the language will brand you as a leader. Knowing English is a life time asset that you will always cherish and be proud of.

Having our tailor made SLAN in English as a Spoken Language (SLAN-ESL) will equip you with in depth knowledge and experience to teach yourself and others English the Inzpira way. 



Did you know that there are about 5 Crore native Malayalam Speakers (Malayali) in this world? Its often whimsically said that 'where ever you go, you find a mallu.' There are people from other parts of the world coming to Kerala, to know experience its rich culture and also to learn the language. To win the heart of a Malayali, always speak in Malayalam.  Having taken our tailor made SLAN in Malayalam as a Spoken Language program (SLAN - MSL) will equip you with in depth knowledge and experience to teach yourself and others Malayalam the Inzpira way in a very short span of time. Amazing isn't? 

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