Life is a long run way with mazes.

But the important thing is to

Adapt to the edges and choose the right way

To reach the amazing destination.”

I am Ananthi.N, a passionate learner, keen listener and one of the proud trainers at Inzpira. I strongly believe that a deep observation of anything we do can lead us to better results.

I was born and brought up in a middle class, nuclear family in Coimbatore, one of the successful industrialized cities in Tamil Nadu. My dream to become a teacher started even before I become a student. Yes, playing the role as a teacher was my favourite childhood game.

I adapt to changes so quickly, which is the strongest key to my success. I started my earlier education with Science and later I chose English as my major subject. I completed B.A English Language and Literature in Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore. My dream turned into a strong passion during my college days which never allowed me to sleep peacefully. Having lost track of the difference between day and night I started my journey towards my passion which led me to become a ‘Rank holder’ of one of the leading Universities in India.

As a passionate learner, I wanted to learn about various departments like purchase, sales and export in an industry and I started my professional career as an office assistant in a firm. Having gotten experience in all those departments for three years and I became the office in-charge. Then I had to resign my job due to my marriage. After my marriage, I moved to Trivandrum.

Though I have come across many changes in my life such as education, career and also the environment, nothing could change my passion for teaching. After getting absorbed by the personal life for a while, I wanted to resume my career to achieve my passion. When I came to know about Inzpira, one of the leading and productive institutions in Trivandrum, my passion resurfaced and my life took a new turn.  As Inzpira changed the conventional method of learning, so did my passion to become one of the greatest trainers.

Thus, I am inspired and reinvented myself at Inzpira. Being a trainer makes me feel complete, contented and brings me the genuine feeling of being inspired and beneficial to someone.

Happy inspiring with Inzpira!