Aneesh Lal

Aneesh Lal

Operations & Marketing Manager

Every person in this world has a destiny, and I discovered mine recently. Living ones life is like driving with your windshield covered in dirt and a clean rear view mirror. You just can’t predict what comes next, else just imagine how a student at Inzpira turned out to be a manager in the same firm that helped him in re-inventing his life?

I am Aneesh Lal, a former student at Inzpira turned Manager. I am in charge of the day to day operation and management of our facility. I make sure the training and operations go hand in hand without any hindrance. I have no formal education on management however, I believe the more your put yourself into trouble, the better you become. I have dipped myself completely in a new world and I learned a lot on how things work.

Since childhood I was good at organizing events, be it a family function, a school day or a club event, I was one among the key people who made things happen. Being a sports person who has won several awards in Kick Boxing and other martial arts, certain qualities such as discipline and remaining calm has been in me for a long time which I believe are the two qualities any leader should posses.

Inzpira is a platform for me to learn, prove myself that I am Aneesh Lal, the backbone of Inzpira.