Ardra John Trainer at Inzpira Education

Ardra John


Education is a progressive discovery of our ignorance-Will Durant.

Breaking the accepted norms in acquiring knowledge and fervently looking out for crossovers to halt at the maudlin to realise books were factious and learning meant by rotting. In my desperate attempts to pursue learning, I set about to pursue my graduation and the days I could recollect from my participation in the drama team and in a short time I thought to myself Picasso thoughts that he was inspired by the stars and passionately worked towards it. I  passed out with flying colors from myself a degree and  earned myself a decent job in the publishing industry later realised I would invest my time in Banking, and the prize that came with it a stressful work enviro and soon I left the job to find myself pursuing my post- graduation and again flaunted myself over with a leading MNC.

I had to ultimately leave and join my family back at my hometown, the days were embittering and all to leave myself the thought of learning ways to educate myself. I recklessly looked for an opportunity luckily I came across Inzpira.

An education Institution deplored ways to learn English and stood distinctly to learn the language and adopted inclusive learning to impart knowledge. Storytelling and its unique way was unconventional and watching movies had more to it than before and here I found ways to engage in learning in better way. And their ends my journey to Inzpira Education LLP.

The mediocre teacher tells

The good teacher explains.

The superior teacher demonstrates.

The great teacher inspires.