Renjini S.K

Training Manager

I’m Renjini SK. You might have heard about many Renjinis , and soon you will know my name along with the name of INZPIRA.

A person who has a bunch of dreams and want to do everything differently. This is the one-liner about me.

Having studied electronics engineering and worked in a private company, soon I realized that this is not my place and definitely not my way of life. From there I began my journey.

I’m a social person and love to talk to different people. I have mastered the skill to interact with people, taught by my life. Moreover, I don’t feel comfortable being a tech-savvy person and spending most of my time as a geek. Here I enjoy my task and love interacting with students. I’m overwhelmed that my destiny made me a member of INZPIRA family.

My role is to plan daily schedules and arrange sessions for students accordingly for the smooth delivery of services at INZPIRA. I introduce the newcomers to our methodologies and make them comfortable.

You can find me briskly plying here in INZPIRA, exchanging a friendly smile with everybody.