Rohith Namboothiri Inzpira

Rohith Namboothiri

Co-Founder/Director - Research, Training & Development

Hello all, I am Rohith Namboothiri the Co-Founder / Director – Research, Training & Development at Inzpira.  I am in charge of the entire academic research, module development and the training. My job is to ensure seamless academic flow, impart at-par quality in training and to research, develop, formulate & modularise creative and new techniques that would make both learning a language and developing ones personality more fun & easy.

Having faced serious humiliation for not knowing to speak in English during my child hood, I developed a method to teach myself English, a method that broke all the conventional methodologies and concepts of language learning. This unique method of mine later, with furthermore thoughts and inputs became the foundation of Inzpira.

I basically like to make the lives of people much more easier and I constantly try to bring in ideas to make that work. I am a web magician by profession and a passionate entrepreneur by choice. I started my first company when I was 15 years old and since then I have been high on entrepreneurial spirits.