Sruthy Ramesh Inzpira

Sruthy Ramesh

Co-Founder/ Director - Operations & Marketing

I am Sruthy Ramesh. A person who fell for the monotony of Indian educational system, that’s the one liner about me. I didn’t have the ability to choose my career path wisely, so like others, I became an Engineer. Later, I realized my true interest and passion. My ability to think creatively, and present eloquently helped me choose marketing as my field and at Inzpira I spear head operations, marketing, sales & public relation division.

Having studied in Holy Angels Convent, Trivandrum, I acquired basic English conversational skills from there but always lacked the confidence and fluency to speak to others in English. Having figured out this problem, I decided to learn myself English and went through various books and other available resources, wrecked my brains over these chunks and finally after few years of rigorous hardworking, I managed to acquire enough confidence and fluency to survive. Since then I had this thought of simplifying the process of learning English for others facing a similar problem like mine. That’s when I met Rohith Namboothiri and we brainstormed heavily and came up with Inzpira.

I love talking to people and spreading ideas. It was during my high school days I realized my ability to communicate effectively and convince people. Since then a marketing person was hidden inside me and Inzpira paved way for me to actualize that quality.