Suju VS Trainer at Inzpira Education

Suju V.S


‘A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it’ this proves to be the worthiest quote that defines my life. I traversed different paths and searched my destination vigorously to find out where I am intended to be. But the journey was quite hard and treacherous, however ended up in an incredible spot. I enjoy being part of Inzpira family and here I rediscover my potential.

Like every child, I was also clueless about my passion in childhood. Whereas teaching students in a virtual classroom, draping saree and holding a stick in my hand was my favorite time pass during those days. Though it was a childhood fantasy, my passion in teaching grew along with me.

When the time set in to decide on my choice for future, I was confused to pick one from the plethora of options. And the circumstances persuaded me to pursue engineering. Even if it was an apathetic decision, it helped me to reinvent my passion to be a trainer. I drooped into the ocean of engineering and ascended as a refined individual with sharpened skills of presentation.

But the path to my destiny was even farther. Life made me to explore new avenues, and I decided to create an impact among my fellow beings and thus was my aspiration to become a civil servant. I found myself unhappy and disrupted with the choice I made. Then I set off the journey to meet my destiny and finally vagaries in life drops me at Inzpira, where I live my passion. I love shredding light in others’ lives and find myself happy to guide students and help them to perceive their goals.

I feel content that destiny paves the way for me to pursue my passion and hence to create an impression in the field of training. Follow your dream and that is where you can meet yourself, this is what life taught me.