We’re a group of artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, developers, designers and passionate thinkers with years of professional experience. Unlike other places where you get trained by trainers, Inzpira’s students are trained by industry experts who are currently working and facing challenges. This gives us an edge over others to introduce you to the real world scenario and on how to build you into a professional.
At Inzpira we believe that learning is fun. It is extremely difficult for one to shape up their personality or acquire new skills in a tough environment bound by rules & guidelines. We want to prove to the world that anything and everything can be achieved if you enjoy it.

Few years back, when Rohith (Co-Founder of Inzpira) was struggling to find an easy solution to learn English and to shape his personality, there were only limited options. Everything that has to do with learning a language and developing ones personality had lots of stringent guidelines that had to be followed and all of them were sort of tough in nature. Many conventional methods such as watching English news, speaking in front of a mirror, reading a book before sleep all went in vain for him. That is when he realized the need for a more effective technique that would allow him to achieve all of the above but has to be fun.

Imagine you are in a movie theater enjoying a movie. When there is a sentimental scene, you would have tears drooling down your cheeks and if there is a comedy, you would laugh out loud. At the end, whether you liked or not, once you walk out of the theater, you would still have parts of the movie still running through your head and these parts would last in your mind for a long period of time. Why? Because, watching a movie takes you to a state where you are free from all other thoughts but just relaxing and enjoying the movie. What if learning could also be of the same nature? this though made him develop a technique that later became the foundation of Inzpira.

All Inzpira modules closely integrate creative visualization, entertainment and fun activities that makes learning much more easier and when it comes to developing your personality and soft-skills, these techniques have proven to be the most effective solution that would enable you to achieve these in a very short span of time!

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