Fear of public speaking explained

fear of public speaking

“Treat your fear like a pillar, to conquer your dreams”                                   

Heart pumping faster, breathing heavily and feeling something in tummy, have you experienced these somewhere? All these hit you like a fireball, when you are facing an audience. Stage fear is no French or Latin to people; it gets everybody’s back at least once in a lifetime.

We all strive to overcome our fear, rather than recognizing the real reasons behind it. Lesson number one, understand the reason; it is simply like understanding your fear. It is very necessary to study your fear for stage; it gives you a clear idea about how to work out things, so that you can overcome your stage fear.

1.) Lack of practice

                      We all know that ‘Practice makes man perfect’. Practice plays a key role here. Only through practice we get to know more about us. It takes a long time to appear as a good orator. It needs much dedication in the form of frequent practices. The flavor of patience shall be added to this recipe, because nobody becomes a good speaker within a night. Start talking about the simplest topic, which you know more about. Prepare notes in the form of points, imagine you have an audience in front of you and just go with the flow. Don’t forget to delist ‘Self-talking’ from mental illness, because it is a natural way to enhance your speaking skills.

2.) Partial Knowledge

                     Half knowledge is a dangerous weapon. The basis of stage fear is set when you have a blur idea about the subject. I know it is impossible for a person to cover up all areas, but as you have been taught, ‘Never give up’. To overcome this obstacle, ‘Read more’ is the mantra. By reading you get more vocabulary and a set of creative ideas, it widens your knowledge and perspectives. It pushes you to think more, and thus you can present your topic in a natural way.

3.) Playing Comparison

                                It is the most lovable game, even when it comes to us. It is a negative thing, and you shall make your mind understand that it is a sin to do so. Firstly never regard a public speaking as a competition, fix that in your mind. Everybody has a different style of handling things, and so you are having a unique way.

4.) How to start?

                      It remains as a big question mark. Having plenty of ideas may also lead to confusion. It will be always good if you start with a real life experience or example. Or else you can also start with a question, which makes the audience think, remember it should be deep. And you can also form a conversation.

5.) Poor preparation and by hearting

                                Years back I participated in an elocution competition, I was given a topic days back. There stood a mike and a crowd in front of me, with respective judges on my either side. I misspelled the topic itself, the audience laughed at me. I believed that I prepared well, but the problem was with my way of preparation, yes I by hearted. By, by hearting; there happens to form a barrier between you and your audience. You are no actor, but a natural speaker.

6.) Deviations

                     Do the ‘Private Eyes’ song gets played in your mind whenever you are on a stage? No wonder, it is common, but not a syndrome. Our mind gets deviated when we lack concentration. You have heard that ‘It takes years to build, but only a second to destroy.’ likewise it only takes a second to get deviated. But if you habitually train your mind to concentrate, a positive change is assured. Practice talking without a break.

7.) Lacking confidence

                         Never let them know that you are lacking the main ingredient. Imagine an orator in front of you; who is not maintaining eye contact, having long breaks in between; we feel abrupt. Through maintaining eye contact you prove that you are confident. Never let your body language affect your presentation, because we tend to make gestures unconsciously. Public speaking boosts up your confidence and as time flies you will realize your body language matching with your confidence in a sophisticated way.

Through public speaking, you are talking to your fear. Don’t worry about what may go wrong, be a positive thinker. After all we are humans, we learn from our mistakes. There are many coaching centers that offer you Public Speaking training that would help you build confidence and subdue your fear of public speaking. You can also check out our specialized coaching to help you over this fear.

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